California Eviction Specialist

24 – 48 Business Hour Turn Around Time, Approximately

Facing tenant issues? We’ve assisted numerous landlords across all of California, in every county, with their eviction and debt collection needs. Don’t stress over complex court papers, tight deadlines, or high lawyer fees. We’re known for our fast and effective service. We get the challenges landlords face with late rent and troublesome tenants.

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We’re skilled in handling both home and business evictions and offer expert legal help. We do everything – from drafting legal notices to complaints, judgments, service, and filings. We make sure the documents we create for you pass the court’s standards for a valid eviction. Want to know more about the eviction steps? Check out the eviction process page on our site. At Kern Court, we provide dependable services tailored to your needs. We’ll sit with you, understand your goals and situation, and come up with a plan that suits you best.

California Eviction Process